Amnesty International Group 78 Tokyo Presents
Dance Party for Human Rights

Featuring "The Insistuz"

WomenFest 2006 :Acoustic, Chanson, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Belly Dance, Stand Up Comedy...

- WomenFest & Helen Northeast's Picture(by Charlie K.) on "METROPOLIS": Japan's No.1 English Magazine -

......Photos of "Amnesty International Benefit Gig" on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 14 at What the Dickens! in Ebisu......

  • label of the video tape of "Amnesty Concert" Nov. 14th.

  • introduction of the video tape :real media

  • ending credit of the video :real media

  • More pictures of "Amnesty Concert" Nov. 14th.

  • "Helen Northeast band" 0-6109 message from Helen Oct. 02, 2004
    "Womenfest 2005" March 13th.

    0-5935 "Womenfest 2004" @What the Dickens! Mar. 7, 2004

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