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Message from Helen
"Amnesty International Benefit gig"

Greetings to all,

Amnesty International asked me to organize the music this year for their
annual charity concert.

So, I've created a special 8 member band for the occasion!  With lots of
female talent!   As Amnesty is concentrating this year on a lot of
important women's issues, I wanted a strong female presence on stage, to
undersscore the importance of these issues, for example

domestic violence and abuse
rape and sexual assault in war zones
trafficking in women and girls/sex slave trade
female genital mutilation

Amnesty also asked me if I would like to link the benefit to a Japan
based organization which would benefit from some local fund raising.  I
suggested HELP, the Tokyo women's shelter and advocate group.  I think
it's important that Amnesty be seen to help local women's groups, as
well as internationally. Also,  I think this is the first time that they
are doing this and it's good that they are seen to be helping women in
Japan, as well as interrnationally, with the funds raised.

Anyway, I've attached the Amnesty press release, which gives a lot of
info about the gig and the band and more info about HELP, for your

Very briefly, to writie in your datebooks, the gig is on SUNDAY NOVEMBER
at What the Dickens in Ebisu.   2000 yen.

It's gonna be a great dance band and lotsa fun!!  I hope you'll all come
out and support Amnesty and have a great time.  Incidentally, I also
asked Amnesty to have a non-smoking area and they agreed, for all you
non-smokers out there!

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to seeing you in November!

all the best

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Rocking and Dancing for Women's Rights

Amnesty International Group 78 and the HELP Women's Refuge in Tokyo present:

"Voices against Violence," a benefit concert featuring "THE INSISTUZ"
November 14 (Sunday), 2004
at "What the Dickens" in Ebisu.
WHAT THE DICKENS: Ebisu-Nishi 1-13-3,Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-3780-2099
Food (in BIG portions!) and drinks available - cash bar.  No smoking area.

Admission: 2,000 yen. Bring your friends. ALL WELCOME.

Doors open at 6 pm, music from 7pm to 11 pm

featuring "THE INSISTUZ"

This is a brand new band on the Tokyo scene, loud and sassy, made up of
professional and semi-professional musicians committed to social change.

Helen Northeast	bass and vocals
Julianne		keyboards and vocals
Paula Terry		vocals
Shion Lee		keyboards/b.vocals
Joni Davis		vocals
Bill Benfield		guitar
Steven Coleman	guitar
Andy Matsukami	drums
with special guest James Baldwin on harmonica

To arrange an interview with Helen Northeast of The Insistuz:
helen@gol.com or call 0422-41-6258

Proceeds to AI's campaign to "Stop Violence against Women" and the HELP
Asian Women's Shelter*

AI Group 78 us an English-language local group of Amnesty International:

*HELP (Housing in Emergency of Love and Peace)
Asian Women's Shelter in Tokyo, which provides emergency housing relief
and support to approximately two hundred needy recipients annually.
Just under fifty percent of these are from Japan, the remainder being
mostly from other Asian countries - essentially Thailand, the Philippines
and Taiwan - with some from other developing nations such as Colombia
and Iran, and a handful of Western women from the US, Canada and the UK.
HELP is also able to aid its residents with legal, medical and nationality


Thank you for your support in the past.

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